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Aimee's look

La Medina in Marrakech, Morocco

June 6, 2013 - 166 Comments
If I had to pick my favorite moment in Morocco, it would be going to the Medina in Marrakech. For someone who doesn’t like to shop in stores (I prefer to online shop) it was so fun and interesting to see so many different items for sale, haggling and to people watch.
As soon as you enter the Marrakech Medina, you’ll see snake handlers, monkey handlers (not my cup of tea), Moroccan men in super tradition costumes and much more. Definitely, a great scene for tourists like me especially if you want to take fun photos although you must tip whoever you take a photo of in this area or they’ll chase after you!
I naturally gravitate towards music so when I heard drums, I walked over to these gentlemen and hung out with them a little bit.
’bout to show these boys my moves..
We danced for awhile and attracted a crowd of our own.
Ok, this was my favorite thing to do. Rug shopping!
There were so many to choose from. A little tip for you if you’re rug shopping in Marrakech, don’t go with the first price they give you. I paid half of what the owner initially offered.

I wore a BCBG Maxazria Runway Jacket (similar here), Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Dress, Schutz Sandals, and a Rebecca Minkoff Bag.

I packed a lot of colorful clothes this trip and I felt right at home!
You know me and shoes.. Although I didn’t get anything for myself, I did get a great pair of Moroccan flats for my mom. I paid the full price because it was already so cheap. (I think I paid about $10-$15 for the pair.)
Love the archway here.
My lovely sister Dani whom I had the pleasure to travel with. Some people on instagram commented that we should be covered up since we’re in a Muslim country but like I’ve mentioned in this post, the Moroccan people didn’t mind at all. Everyone I came across treated us with respect, didn’t scold us for showing skin (although the first day I did cover up just incase) and were open minded whether they themselves were covered up or not. I’m seriously so in love with this country!
Photos by Dani Song and I

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